Destination: Bandung, Indonesia

I recently spent 2 weeks in Bandung, Indonesia with a great project team who are extremely interested in pioneering UX in Indonesia and ensuring UX becomes a fundamental part of their processes that is embedded into all their digital products.

Mar 2014 Update: We are now selling eye trackers in Indonesia and have a new Bahasa Indonesia website

Project objectives:

  1. Facilitate the learning and development of the project team in UX strategy and assist with integrating UX into their everyday practices.
  2. Conduct a full-scale UCD project to develop a new travel website for Indonesian domestic travellers.

In order to meet both objectives we ran a number of UX ‘showcases’ and then got workshop participants to conduct the UCD activities for their new travel website. This allowed participants to immediately put into practice what they were learning.

The UX showcases were attended by 15-20 people daily and included the following topics:

  • Introductions to UX and UCD
  • Psychology of users and UX
  • Stakeholder discussions
  • Heuristic reviews
  • Competitor & expert reviews
  • Persona development, user journeys & scenarios
  • Storyboards & key user tasks
  • Information architecture, navigation & card sorting
  • Sketching & wire-framing
  • Prototyping & stop-motion videos
  • Usability testing & hallway testing
  • Eye tracking in Indonesia


The team were very responsive to UX and the methodology being taught, and were eager to get busy. They had us set up in a dedicated “UX War Room” for 2 weeks which quickly became full of posters, post-it notes and lots of activity!



Image           – For more on the stop-motion activity, see my previous blog  (make sure you check out the Youtube links to the finished products from the stop-motion workshop – amazing stuff!)

Project outcomes:

  1. We were able to successfully assist the team with applying the knowledge and theories learned in the sharing sessions to their new website development.
  2. We were able to use the data gathered during the 2 weeks to build an interactive prototype of the new website in order to provide a ‘proof of concept’ to senior management.
  3. The team is super pumped about UX and this is spreading through the organisation!

Image– Project, support and management teams at our farewell lunch.

Image– Members of our awesome project team!

Visit to the Bandung Digital Valley 

On a side note, we got a chance to visit the ‘Bandung Digital Valley‘ in the Research and Development Building. Check out the photos from this place – so cool!



ImageImage-New friends at the Bandung Digital Valley

I’m looking forward to the Indonesian team visiting us in Sydney in a couple of weeks. They will be here to observe the next phase of this project which will be hallway testing with eye tracking on the interactive prototype. It’s also a chance for us to repay some of the great hospitality shown to us during our stay in Bandung 🙂 Stay tuned for an update.

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Usability Training Sydney 27 April

Our next training course is running next month!

27 April 2012. 9.30am to 4.30pm, 301, 15 Lime Street, King Street Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000

$595 + gst (lunch provided)
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Do you want to learn about usability testing, what it involves and how to do it?


Gain confidence in usability testing through our hands-on, interactive course on usability testing.


During our one-day interactive usability testing course you will:

  • Learn what’s involved in usability testing
  • Grow your understanding of usability and its heuristics
  • Find out how to plan for a usability test and recruit the right respondents
  • Learn how to prepare a testing script
  • Discover how to run a testing session
  • Understand how to evaluate results and report on usability testing tests
  • Learn more about the logistics and technologies of usability testing
  • Be given guidelines and tips for successful testing
  • Receive templates that cover each of the steps involved in usability testing.

To put into practice what you learn, you’ll complete a series of exercises throughout the day ranging from how to plan a testing script to uncovering usability issues. At the end of the day you will moderate your own usability test and aso be a participant of one.

You will leave the course having gained a deeper understanding of how to plan, prepare, run, analyse and report on usability testing whether this is in a management capacity role or actually running usability testing yourself.

You will also be provided with a usability testing course pack that holds all the templates and materials you will need to run your own sessions.

Our usability testing course has a maximum of 12 participants to keep it interactive, fun and informal.

Who should attend:

  • Marketers
  • Web developers
  • Designers
  • Business analysts
  • Online communications managers
  • IT and web managers
  • Testers
  • Online content owners and creators
  • Project managers


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The workshop fee will include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. The workshop will be held at 301, 15 Lime St, Sydney from 9.30am to 4.30pm.


Next social media training course is upon us!

Social Media as a business tool – Filling up fast!

17 May 2011, 9.30am – 4.30pm. Level 10, 220 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

$595 + gst (lunch provided)

Social interaction is one of the key areas driving the take up of the Internet in today’s society. As a result, there has been an explosion in the number of social networks that consumers can get involved in, with names like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare and YouTube all instantly recognisable commodities. While most people now know what these social networking applications are, leveraging the opportunities they offer, especially in a business or enterprise sense, is something that most are struggling with at this point in time.

This social media training workshop will aim to explore the potential that some of these applications have in improving customer support, market research, brand management, collaboration, marketing and business development.

This course is suitable for anyone, at any level who is in a position, or wants to be in a position to promote their business via social channels.

You will have the opportunity to hear case studies, and more importantly, set up your own profiles on these sites, or to expand on the profiles and interactions you have already established. In doing so, you will learn:

•    What the tools are
•    How each can be used
•    What specific business processes can leverage social networks
•    How to convince your boss of its value
•    How to manage social networking
**All attendees are advised to bring laptops. 

Here are some quotes from previous social media training workshops that James has run:

Excellent presentation and a lot to take back to work”
“I have now entered the twitterverse”
“Very hands-on and lots of great ideas”
“Lots of tips and stuff to think about. Great job!”
“Practical demonstration of Web 2.0 tools”
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Anna’s running Usability Testing Training in October!

On October 21st, 2010 join Anna van Egmond to learn how to run your own usability testing projects from start to finish! 

For the last couple of years we’ve been proud to have Anna as part of our Objective Digital team!  Now you too can learn from Anna’s extensive experience in one of the largest usability industries in the World, the UK!  

Recently, we’ve all worked together to create an awesome new usability testing training agenda! 

Learn about:
  • Usability scripts, tasks and scenarios
  • Recruitment and incentives
  • Running the usability test – moderation
  • Analysis and reporting, and
  • Project management considerations. 

You’ll discover how to do it, exactly as we deliver to our very happy clients. You’ll even take home the templates and process guidelines we use on a daily basis!

Plus, Anna might even throw in some eye tracking!

Check out more about our usability testing training on our website and email if you’d like to book in!

Qualitative researchers + usability testing = heavenly match?


In order to create great user experience there is an essential need to not only understand the functionality of the website interface but also the dynamic of the user. And it is this second element, the user, that gives rise for the qualitative researcher to come into their own with website usability studies. You might very well expect that a client would approach a quantitative researcher for this task but there is more to usability domain than meets the eye. Lets take a new view. 

Understanding human behaviour and motivations have always been the territory of qualitative researchers, understanding how user interact with a web interface is no different. Experienced qualitative researchers can bring a wealth of skills to usability testing. Qualitative researchers bring with them a richness of information. They can draw out user beliefs and motivations which translate into the way they interact with a website. They can sort through reactions and responses and probe on a user’s state of mind. Experienced qualitative researchers have the ability to succinctly hypothesise potential reactions to web functionality gleaned by deep insight from personal and direct moderation. And then interrogate that behaviour efficiently in the immediate situation.        

A qualitative review will always deliver a richness of understanding that will make a lasting impression. A recent study involving a health website demonstrated the need for designers to be fully aware of the potential anxiety parents might be feeling as they interact with the site. Emergency procedures and contact numbers were shown to be too hard to find and whilst they appeared on the home page users acknowledged they maybe distracted when engaging with the site. The information needed to be obvious and clearly differentiated with standard medical icons. These insights revealed themselves through discussing the context surrounding the usage. Keeping the parent users state of mind at the forefront of the designer agenda ensure they will create a site which is useful and therefore valuable.

There seems to be an impression that any consumer behaviour relating to the online environment typically falls into the territory of a quantitative researcher. Whether rightly or wrongly there seems to be demarcation line when technology comes into play. But here I would encourage qualitative researchers to break into the usability area as their skills would be invaluable. Perhaps qualitative researcher are traditionally more comfortable interacting simply with people and being technology free but it’s time to break out of that thinking and consider the opportunities that their skills can be applied in the online environment.

If you’re ready to take up the challenge and want to learn how to be a great usability practitioner why not join us at Objective Digital on 14th April, 2010. We are running a Usability Course to help get you up and running with confidence. Everything you need to know to get started!






New Training: Usability for market reseachers

Market researchers!

  • Are your clients asking you to research their websites?
  • Would you like to start a new line of business?
  • Do you want to add value and insight to your usability reports?

Gain confidence in the Usability Testing process. Come to our 1 day workshop in ‘Usability Testing for Market Researchers’. The workshop covers all aspects of the Testing Process:

  • Client expectations
  • Scripts and scenarios
  • Recruitment and incentives
  • Running the test
  • Analysis and reporting

We will cover through a number of case studies which are highly relevant to market researchers.

Takeaways for your staff include templates and guidelines for every step of the process.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010 from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Ticket price AUD $595 + GST (this includes the Event Brite fee). Total price is AUD $654.50.