New UX Patterns site – Quince


We previously blogged about UX pattern sites and I think Quince should be added to the list of useful sites when it comes to patterns.

You can search for patterns by keywords, explore all patterns, by task, by tag relations, and by wireframe. Especially the last way of finding a pattern is new to me and I have found it extremely useful.

While the site is not the quickest at loading I definitely think it is worth a visit!

Check it out at

Useful UI design pattern sites

When stuck for ideas or looking up examples of different UI patterns, take a look at these sites to help you along the way: patterns in design

Great resource by Martijn van Welie, a fellow Dutchie.


UI patterns

A library with many patterns and useful screenshots to illustrate these patterns.


UI pattern factory

UI Pattern Factory is a mix of user interface design pattern library and

UI gallery


Yahoo! design patterns

The Yahoo! library of design patterns gives a great flavour of around 55 design patterns out there.


Designing Interfaces

The book ‘Designing Interfaces’ is available online and provides some useful patterns and other things to think about when designing a website.