Eye Tracking in a Flight Simulator with Tobii Glasses!

Dan and James were lucky enough to head out to Macquarie University in Sydney this week to train some of the Psychology peeps on how to use the Tobii Glasses eye tracker in a Flight Sim and on cricketers!

Tobii Glasses eye tracking simulator

The eye tracker can help with many things in a flight simulator, for example:

  • How do pilots perform when they are fatigued?
  • How do pilots respond in an emergency?
  • What to expert pilots look at compared to novices in order to make decisions during adverse weather conditions?

Here’s a mug shot of the guys looking down one of Sydney’s runways 😉

Dan and James in Macquarie University's flight simulator

Below you can see the Infrared Markers on the control panel. They are used to isolate an area of analysis for accurate post processing of data like fixation duration on specific dials.

Tobii Glasses eye tracker IR Markers

Thanks to Mark Wiggins from the Masters of Organisational Psychology and the Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise and Training for having us along! 

Lotsa a fun! We’ll see if we can get some footage for you later!