Eye Tracking – An Emerging Technique

Marketers rated Eye Tracking as one of the top 10 emerging techniques currently used to uncover consumer insights based on GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report (Winter 2013)


In today’s world, market research is no longer just about big transactional data or traditional qualitative studies. Technology keeps evolving to provide us with new techniques and approaches to uncover consumer insights. Eye Tracking is one of the top ten techniques that is here to stay and is poised for growth in the coming years.

‘The eyes are the window to the soul’

Let’s connect this to the main purpose of consumer insight which is to understand how the consumer connects with brand as well as their underlying mindsets and motivation that trigger their behaviour and actions. Eye Tracking is the only technology that allows you to see ‘things’ through your consumer eyes.

It provides both qualitative and quantitative data on how your consumer view and interpret visual stimuli (e.g. which POS material and promotions are most effective in driving purchase, how an ideal shelf layout and flow should be, what aspects of a product’s packaging attract attention). It helps us to better measure a consumer’s preference, as the verbal response given to the question; “Do you like this product?” may not always be the true answer due to cognitive bias.  We conduct 4 types of shopper studies:

  1. Shop Along, in-store shopper journey
  2. Shelf Testing
  3. Pack Clinic
  4. Media and Advertising

And yes, I know some of you (the 30% – No interest to date) probably feel a bit sceptical and ask “so what happens after we know where they’re looking or how long they looking at something?” At Objective Digital, we’re a bunch of eye tracking experts that turn eye tracking data into insights that matters for your business. We have conducted well over 100 Eye Tracking studies since 2008, delivering insights that help business to grow.

Contact us on info@objectivedigital.com if you want to know more on how Eye Tracking can help connected you to your consumers and understand what matters.

3 thoughts on “Eye Tracking – An Emerging Technique

  1. Excellent news! Eye tracking is certainly a powerful up and coming technology. It is important to understand the data however. Make sure you investigate data quality from your tracker. No amount of smoothing/filtering can fix bad data.

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