Facebook: Mixing business with pleasure

My iPad and iPhone is my ultimate companion when it comes to keeping me entertained on my commute to work. With my headphones in, I begin by trawling through my Facebook news feed…

 My cousin has uploaded photos from the party we attended on Saturday night…..next is an article by Forbes Magazine explaining “What it takes to retain your top talent” (http://bit.ly/YpTWCw)….apparently, there’s a traffic jam on the M5. I know this because a friend has posted an image accompanied with a few swear words….I then read an article explaining the Personality of a Workaholic by Psychology Today….Catalina Butnaru (from UX Magazine) explains the importance of functional beauty when designing products – If an object is well made for its purpose, but doesn’t look good, its ‘fitness for function’ may be underestimated and it will not be deemed ‘good enough’”…..Disney  Land is giving away free tickets to celebrate its $56 billion profit in 2012….HBR offers tips on how to build trust with a virtual environment…..my colleague blogs about Lean Eye tracking (http://blog.objectivedigital.com/lean-eye-tracking)….finally, I get some tips from Commonwealth Bank on how ways to cut down on energy expenses (http:// livingspace.commbank.com.au/green-days)….


This is what 1 app has to offer in 1 bus ride.  Social networking sites, like Facebook, have provided a new environment for acquiring and distributing knowledge. You and your company have an opportunity to inform and connect with your customers.

What’s your company’s social media strategy? 


1 thought on “Facebook: Mixing business with pleasure

  1. Interesting premise, but the same can be said of RSS, more so because of it’s better timeliness and massively greater flexibility. And you can also be shielded from that flexibility by using apps like Feedly, Flipboard, etc.I’m curious about people who use FB for news and information and not just social and personal interests, and I am one of them as well (although I am weaning off of FB for important info since RSS gives me a feed that doesn’t cost the author money for more than 10% to see it). So what is it about a Social Media Strategy that is different, in this context, to an information sharing strategy, which, for businesses, is a key element of the social strategy? In other words, what is the downside to using Social for connection?

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