Online shopping – how to get it so wrong

I must say, I’m not a fan of shopping centres during the lead up to Christmas – the fight for parking, the hoards of people, and shops being turned upside down. So bring on the online shopping campaign aptly named ‘Click Frenzy’. I didn’t hear about this until I came home to find my sister waiting there watching the neat little clock countdown to 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes and 0 seconds. Apparently this was an attempt to boost the online retail efforts of the Australian market.


I jumped on the bandwagon with 10 mins to go, registering my details and keeping my credit card handy. Unfortunately that was the end of my frenzy. After numerous attempts to load the Click Frenzy page failed, I resorted to Google to help me track down which retailers were taking part, however each of these websites were also down.

I lost interest and faith about 20 minutes into the frenzy. Even my credit card was disappointed.

Click Frenzy suffered from an almost embarrassingly predictable failure to meet the supply demand. Users were required to register before the event, so surely they could have been more prepared. 

I believe the UX lessons learnt here are obvious – if you are going to create an online experience, be prepared to deliver on your promises. After all, no bricks and mortar storeowner would create hype, tell everyone to rock up at 7pm, and then padlock the doors shut. 



– D

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