Happiness is…

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Shawn Achor – The Happiness Advantage

Smile and others smile with you

The Greatest Predictors of Success:

    1) Optimism: The belief that your behaviour Matters
    2) Strong Social Connection
    3) Perceive Stress as a Challenge

Turn on the brain with optimism
Turn on someone else’s brain by priming them with positivity

Multiply your chances of success through your happiness:

    37% Greater sales
    3x More Creative
    31% More productive
    40% more likely to receive a promotion
    23% Fewer fatigue symptoms
    up to 10 times more engaged
    39% more likely to live to age 94

Creating Sustainable Positive Change in 21 days:
>>Building blocks to stepping above your genetic set point.

1)     3 Gratitude’s – Scan for Positive –  3 things you are grateful for, think on these first thing each day and last thing each night. Journal on the effect in your life.

2)     The Doubler – Write down one meaningful experience in last 24 hrs. with every detail. Include the way it looked, what you heard, smelt, thought and felt, be vivid.

3)     The Fun Fifteen – 15 minutes of fun activity every day.   anything that you truly enjoy.

4)     Meditation – 2 minutes a day watching your breath go in and out. (To undo multitasking – ADD 1 minute a month)

5)     Conscious Act of Kindness – Text or email something you’re grateful for or like about someone to that person.  Do this 5 times every day.

Here’s how to make transformation happen..

The 20 Second Rule: if it takes longer than 20 seconds to do then the mind considers it too hard, remove the barrier so that it is easier. Get dressed in your gym gear and sleep that way until it becomes a habit, leave the guitar on a stand in the middle of the room until practice becomes a habit. 

Making something a habit overrides the 20 second barrier.

Activation Energy –

·       Tilting the path of least resistance toward a positive habit Flow

·       Graph with Challenges (Anxiety) on Vertical Access – Skills (Boredom) on Lateral. Optimal Flow straight Diagonal line

·       What you attend to first becomes your reality.

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