5 things not to do when designing your email unsubscribe experience

Unsubscribing from an email newsletter can feel like a breakup: sometimes it’s messy, other times you can’t wait to see the end of it. The way I see it, when a user wants to unsubscribe from your email newsletter, let them. Any break up is hard to deal with, so don’t make it harder. Don’t give them more ammunition to not like you. In other words, if you make this process difficult or painful, they will have the confirmation they need that their decision to cut ties was the right one. Remember – no one likes the crazy ex!

When creating your unsubscribe process, here are my top 5 not to do:

1. Don’t send a confirmation email to confirm the un-subscription


2. Don’t ask a thousand exit questions


3. Don’t put your customer through hoops


4. Be careful not to kick them out the door


5. Don’t make it impossible for them to leave


Tell us your about your pet peeves when it comes to unsubscribing…, or perhaps what you are doing to make the process less painful (for both parties).

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