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Our consulting staff page is one of the more highly trafficked pages on our website.  Clients, competitors, job seekers and recruiters are always checking it out. 

The other day a client asked me, “What are Objective Digital’s strengths?”.

“Our people!” I resounded.

Alarmed, the client responded “Sorry!  I really meant what are your people’s strengths?”

That made me think. What are my staff good at?

I had my ideas but I thought I’d ask them.  We all worked on our bios and here’s what we came up with!


Jon Duhig – Consultant

Innovative and elegant design

Jon DuhigJon has a history of user-centred design for blue chip companies where he uses his talents for insight and creativity to provide clean, elegant solutions – even when confronted with difficult problems. As a consultant he is invaluable for a fresh perspective on a problem and has a very broad skill-set including analysis, evaluation, interaction design, graphical design and communication (and also patent creation).

Jon holds a First Class honours degree in Ergonomics from Loughborough University. He has worked for British Telecom (BTexact), Honeywell (Software Centre) and Canon (CISRA) where he was the User Experience lead

View Jonathan Duhig's profile on LinkedIntwitter / jonduhig

Joanna Lewis – Consultant

Designing simplicity from complexity

Joanna LewisJoanna once was a technical writer, providing user-friendly instructions for complex software. Then, to target usability head on, she moved into UX, making software less complex to begin with. She is highly recommended by clients for her ability to produce simple, user-focussed solutions in complex situations; and for bringing great knowledge, understanding and a creative eye to product design and business needs.

Joanna holds a Master of Art (Applied Lingistics) from Macquarie University and a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Adelaide. 

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Anna Van Egmond – Consultant

Bridging business objectives with user needs

Anna Van Egmond

Annemarie van Egmond, or Anna for short, is an energetic and passionate user experience advocate. With extensive experience in planning, managing & running user centred design projects, she loves providing clients with user insights and actionable recommendations whilst keeping in mind the business objectives. She believes that building an understanding of the behaviour, actions and mental model of users is critical to a successful outcome.  Anna has also provided mentoring and training, helping clients foster and develop their own UCD skills.


Originally from the Netherlands, Anna gained an Honours degree in Business Information Systems and a Masters in eBusiness in the UK. After 4½ years working for one of the UK’s leading usability companies, Foolproof Ltd as an Online User Experience Consultant, At Objective Digital Anna continues her passion to help companies create better websites.

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Liz Phillips – Consultant

Insight driven design decisions

Liz PhillipsLiz uses the experience of more than a decade in researching social trends and observing a broad demographic of Australian society to help better understand the interaction between how people live and the technology and services they use. The skilful art of conversation, the knack of getting to the bottom of an opinion plus an appreciation for the human condition are the cornerstone of her abilities running usability research, focus groups and usability testing. The ability to appreciate the users’ landscape provides clients with the right guidance and strategy to craft their offering for maximum relevance and potential.

Liz holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) from the University of NSW and a Graduate Diploma of Psychology from Macquarie University. She now runs usability research, focus groups and usability testing sessions, to gain customer insights into the user experience.

View Liz Phillip's profile on LinkedIntwitter / busylizzy88

Nirish Shakya – Consultant

Blending engineering and human perspectives

Nirish ShakyaNirish is a UX specialist with a strong background in software development. He worked as an application developer and user interface designer for 5 years designing and developing industrial navigational and fleet management solutions before converging his skills in the UX industry. He has the ability to bridge the gaps between developers, designers and end users by being able to speak their languages. He is a perfectionist by nature and is passionate about working with people and learning about their contextual needs. His warm and empathetic nature and his research skills, along with his keen eye for pragmatic design, ensures that the translation to interaction designs and wireframes are exacting.  

Nirish has a Master of IT (UTS 2010) and a Bachelor of Maths and IT (UWS 2006) and his specialities include usability testing, eye-tracking, wireframing, prototyping, UI design (Windows forms, Silverlight, HTML), programming (C#, PHP, Perl), database design (MySQL, SQL Server) and business and technical documentation. He has experience in traditional SDLCs and Agile methodologies (XP and Scrum).

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Our Executive

James Breeze – CEO
Improving people’s lives

James Breeze

James has an enormous amount of experience working with large corporates, small to medium sized businesses and government departments, helping businesses to improve the way that their customers experience their brand through technology user interfaces. He is passionate about making technology more usable. He is an active social marketer, professional speaker and writes his own blog www.UsableWorld.com.au.

James gained a BSc at Adelaide University and an MSc in Organisational Psychology from Macquarie University. After a short stint in Human Resources he moved into the Usability Industry, where he moved up to General Manager and Board Director positions. In late 2006 James decided there was a need for a more Objective style of user experience and usability consulting, and started his own business, Objective Digital.

View James Breeze's profile on LinkedIn twitter / jamesbreeze

Kylie Breeze – Project Director

Managing projects on time and on budget

Kylie BreezeKylie spent 12 years working in advertising and design agencies in NZ, London and Sydney, managing projects across a very broad range of clients. She now Project Manages Objective Digital marketing campaigns and website projects, working closely with our consultants, graphic design partners and our Indian-based web development partners.

Kylie gained a BCom Degree (with First Class honours) from Victoria University in NZ, majoring in Marketing and Management.

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About Objective Experience

Objective Experience is your partner for customer experience strategy, research, design and usability testing. Our team of passionate Customer Experience Consultants uncover insights from your customers to optimize customer journeys across all digital and physical channels – mobile apps, websites, systems, shopper and retail. We research on how customers interact with products, services and environments through interviews, surveys, focus groups, desk research, eye tracking and usability testing. Actionable recommendations are developed from our in-depth observations and testing. Our partners and clients come from a wide range of businesses and industries - from large financial institutions and government organisations to technical consultancies, Universities and not-for-profit businesses. Objective Digital Holdings Pty Ltd has offices in Sydney (Objective Experience Sydney) and Singapore (Objective Experience Singapore). Eye Tracking, CX, UX, Usability Testing, Shopper Research & Design Thinking across Australasia and South East Asia.

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