The World Usability Day Super Bundle — Optimal Workshop

Happy World Usability Day!
Again the online usability research deals are flowing forth on World Usability Day, 11th November!  I really need to think of something to do next year!  Free eye trackers maybe?  

At OD we signed up to an Optimal Workshop bundle last year and it was great value! 


This year Optimal Workshop has partnered with a whole raft of other complementary User Experience (UX) tools to put together a “Redesign Bonanza Super Bundle” for World Usability Day on November 11, 2010. The bundle is only available for one day (albeit a long day across timezones) and includes an incredible package of UX tools at more than 70% off the usual price.
World Usability Day is about “Making life easier”, as stated on “World Usability Day 2010 will serve as an impetus to creating greater awareness for designs, products and services that improve and facilitate communication around the world.”

This year’s World Usability Day Super Bundle builds on the success of last year’s edition by adding major product partners into the mix. This year you will find a number of complementary tools that can all be used together to make your website easier to use, from reading books to up skill yourself, running surveys to understand your market and seriously focussed usability testing, both remote and in-person to ensure you’re on the right track.

This year’s World Usability Day “Redesign Bonanza Super Bundle” is priced at $1,350 and includes over $5,000 worth of subscriptions, products, books and participant recruitment.

The individual components of the bundle are:

  • OptimalSort, 12 month subscription
  • Treejack, 12 month subscription
  • Chalkmark, 12 month subscription
  • AskYourTargetMarket, 35 credits
  • Silverback, software license
  • Rosenfeld Media, 7 digital books
  • Reinvigorate, 6 month Pro subscription
  • Loop11, 1 x 1000 person study
  • Ethnio, 2000 recruits
  • KISSmetrics, 2 year subscription
  • Donation to
  • Webinar with Dave O’Brien for the first 200 purchasers. Erm I am the first, right Andrew?

Find out more and get some here!
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Objective Experience is your partner for customer experience strategy, research, design and usability testing. Our team of passionate Customer Experience Consultants uncover insights from your customers to optimize customer journeys across all digital and physical channels – mobile apps, websites, systems, shopper and retail. We research on how customers interact with products, services and environments through interviews, surveys, focus groups, desk research, eye tracking and usability testing. Actionable recommendations are developed from our in-depth observations and testing. Our partners and clients come from a wide range of businesses and industries - from large financial institutions and government organisations to technical consultancies, Universities and not-for-profit businesses. Objective Digital Holdings Pty Ltd has offices in Sydney (Objective Experience Sydney) and Singapore (Objective Experience Singapore). Eye Tracking, CX, UX, Usability Testing, Shopper Research & Design Thinking across Australasia and South East Asia.

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