Lost in Translation – An Objective, Gruden and Adobe Breakfast


Marrying business systems with the way your users think

Objective Digital, Gruden and Adobe would like to invite you to a FREE breakfast with business in mind!

All too often when implementing online strategies customer experience and business needs get “Lost In Translation”

Over the last 10 years organisations have invested heavily to provide online access to their back-end systems and data.

Websites have evolved from simple brochure-ware and consumer facing ecommerce systems, to enterprise applications with multiple presentation layers and integration points.

In this competitive, intermediated world a failure to give users what they want, in a way that makes sense to them, can directly affect the bottom line.

Join us for an informative and lively panel discussion aimed at empowering your business made up of experts who have recent experience in delivering online enterprise applications.

You will discover how to:

  • Effectively engage your business stakeholders, users, marketing and technical teams at all stages in the process.
  • Leverage your in-house business experts and enterprise development skills while still providing engaging user experiences.
  • Rapidly develop and deploy enterprise applications that users love by adopting the best of web 2.0, agile, user centred design and enterprise methodologies.

Using these approaches you can maximise the effectiveness of your existing team and ensure the successful translation from business to technology – resulting in systems that deliver the best user experience and value for money.

To attend this event please register now

Location – Kent Street Living Room

City Hotel, Cnr Kent St & King St 
Sydney City, 2000

Venue site

Gruden Location


Unlimited Tea and Coffee

  • Unlimited Tea and Coffee
  • Fresh Juices
  • Pastries
  • Fruit Salad
  • Bircher Muesli
  • Fresh Toasted Croissants (various fillings)
  • Cooked Breakfast (to order)

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Register Now

RSVP by Friday 12th November 2010

If you have any questions or would like further information please call 0410 410 494 or email jbreeze@objectivedigital.com


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About Objective Experience

Objective Experience is your partner for customer experience strategy, research, design and usability testing. Our team of passionate Customer Experience Consultants uncover insights from your customers to optimize customer journeys across all digital and physical channels – mobile apps, websites, systems, shopper and retail. We research on how customers interact with products, services and environments through interviews, surveys, focus groups, desk research, eye tracking and usability testing. Actionable recommendations are developed from our in-depth observations and testing. Our partners and clients come from a wide range of businesses and industries - from large financial institutions and government organisations to technical consultancies, Universities and not-for-profit businesses. Objective Digital Holdings Pty Ltd has offices in Sydney (Objective Experience Sydney) and Singapore (Objective Experience Singapore). Eye Tracking, CX, UX, Usability Testing, Shopper Research & Design Thinking across Australasia and South East Asia.

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