OD FAQs | Can you run all our social media for us?

We can help you with your social media strategy, set up the sites with some initial content and mentor you along the way.

Setting social media up, is reasonably easy:

  • Research your market
  • Choose your social networks
  • Get some designs done
  • Determine key words and content topics
  • Create some initial content or reuse existing
  • Connect the networks with each other and with your other marketing communications (e.g. website)

The challenge begins, when clients realise:

  1. Who is going to create content ongoing?
  2. How much content do we need ongoing?
  3. How often do we need to update content?
  4. How many resources do we need to handle this?

My response is:

  1. Who is going to have conversations and create compelling content?
  2. What are your customers interested in?
  3. How often do your customers want to talk to you?
  4. I have no idea, depends on how much you engage with people.

Your requirement for resources to manage social media will increase as soon as you start. The best way to overcome the exponential increase in resource requirement is to share the load around the organisation. Staff with different skills and interests, can help you cope with different situations, such as:

  • geography and time zones
  • customer types
  • customer needs

Whilst social media can be great for marketing campaign, to see th real benefits you should modify your business processes so that they integrate social media. For example,

  • Blogging to allow senior executives to communicate directly with customers   
  • Social bookmarking to share key content amoungst staff and customers
  • New products researched online with customers
  • Some call centre communications facilitated through twitter
  • Events organised through Facebook
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Recruitment with LinkedIn
  • Hosting your videos and images on YouTube and Flickr
  • PR and media connections facilitated though online networks 
  • Blogs for staff or customer communications instead of email, the list goes on. 

It’s about culture change

The best way to handle this new customer and staff interaction mechanism is to change the culture of the organisation and have everyone doing it as part of their job. It should be taken seriously and staff should be rewarded for good use of social media (mainly customer interactions). 

Cultural change takes time and it’s difficult. The best way to start is to identify people within the organisation who are great with people, who like the internet and who are enthusiastic about your business.  Some staff may never be able to do this, but that’s ok, not everyone in an accountant and can balance your books.

Objective Digital will help you get your social media strategy right, kick start the process and mentor you through the cultural change. But we won’t be tweeting for you for ever more. It is up to you to embed a way of doing things that supports this new business model.


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