OD FAQs | Where can we do usability testing?

Usability Testing can usually be done anywhere you have a desk and a PC.  However, for formal usability testing with clients we run it at EyeTrackLab in conjunction with City Group Rooms. Here’s our locations for usability testing

  • Sydney CDB
  • North Sydney
  • Parramatta
  • Hurstville

At the usability testing lab we set up the eye tracker in one room and in an adjoining room you can see the test live.  During a usability test you will:

  • See the participant through a one-way mirror
  • Hear the participant and facilitator’s voices over a speaker
  • See a video of the participant’s face
  • See the screen and their mouse movements
  • And most importantly, see their eye movements live on the screen they are using.


    Being able to see participants’ ‘gaze paths’ on the screen in real time during a usability test greatly improves the usability test viewing experience, as it offers observers a way to gain rich insights into what the person is doing, while they are doing it.  We often have clients getting so excited about this that they are calling their developers during the test to have improvements made to the site immediately!

    If you are unable to attend the usability testing, we can also facilitate it in our office at a lower cost. We record all the data listed above and you can watch it streamed live to your office over the Web. We also produce a DVD of video highlights for you to watch later.

    You can book our usability testing lab by emailing jbreeze@objectivedigital.com.

    Feel free to check out our other Usability FAQs on the Objective Digital website!


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    About Objective Experience

    Objective Experience is your partner for customer experience strategy, research, design and usability testing. Our team of passionate Customer Experience Consultants uncover insights from your customers to optimize customer journeys across all digital and physical channels – mobile apps, websites, systems, shopper and retail. We research on how customers interact with products, services and environments through interviews, surveys, focus groups, desk research, eye tracking and usability testing. Actionable recommendations are developed from our in-depth observations and testing. Our partners and clients come from a wide range of businesses and industries - from large financial institutions and government organisations to technical consultancies, Universities and not-for-profit businesses. Objective Digital Holdings Pty Ltd has offices in Sydney (Objective Experience Sydney) and Singapore (Objective Experience Singapore). Eye Tracking, CX, UX, Usability Testing, Shopper Research & Design Thinking across Australasia and South East Asia.

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