Eyetracking + Enthusiasm = richer insights into kids’ behaviour

OD FAQs | Can you do eye tracking with kids?

Of course!

Kids and teens love being asked their opinions. They freely share their ideas and criticisms (especially if they think an adult has designed something) in a direct manner that’s a delight I never tire of. Testing with kids and teens can be great fun as they are genuinely interested in helping you make things better. 

When it comes to reviewing websites they’re only ever limited by their imagination and whilst practically their ideas maybe hard to implement their suggestions will clearly reflect their most important needs. In a recent study we took kids and teens aged from 6 to 15 years through a newly developed entertainment site. The aim was to optimise the website by gaining an appreciation on how they interacted with the interface. The age of the test audience made the project ideal for utilising the Tobii Eyetracking technology. As any researcher knows when interviewing younger kids factors such as limited recall, language limitations and the heavier reliance on non-verbal behaviour are common downsides. So too is getting teen boys to more readily express themselves! However these issues were largely mitigated with the use of the Tobii Eyetracker. So with eyetracker + enthusiasm = deeper insights into kids behaviour are more accessible.


Analysis of the Tobii Eyetracker data in our study was conducted both within age groups and across age groups. The data was particularly powerful in demonstrating the effect of age and cognitive development on the extent to which an individual interacted with the website. Kids typically are positively predisposed to any new stimulus or presentations. The Tobii EyeTracker technology was able to clearly identify genuine points of attraction, comprehension and confusion.


Some of the eyetracking data revealed:

  • The older the kids were, the more they explored the home page before choosing to investigate certain areas of choice;
  • Younger kids were captivated by the icon links. They could also explore the site even without having the skill to scroll; and
  • Some elements of customization functionality were by and large ignored even though individuals expressed liking it.

Overall the data was able to clearly demonstrate that functionality appeal depended on age. The Tobii Eyetracker software is also able to produce heats maps, gaze plots, videos and more of kids interacting the website which is very compelling in the boardroom!


You can even do eye tracking with babies 😉

This is just another application of the Tobii Eyetracker technology and it has many more uses that would play a valuable role in kids’ research. Next time you’re considering kids in your research brief perhaps eyetracking can take your insights to the next level?

For more insights on eye tracking check out our website FAQs.


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