Yoono – Socialize Your Browser & Desktop

Yoono is a powerful but easy to use sidebar for Firefox and available in desktop format also at http://yoono.com/.

Yoono helps you simplify your online social life by connecting you to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, Friendfeed, AIM, Yahoo IM and more…all in one place. Yoono is also the easiest way to share stuff with all your social networks – share links, images and video from the page you’re viewing across all your networks simultaneously. Yoono also includes a Discovery widget that helps you discover great new websites, products, and videos and then easily share them with your friends.



* Connect to all your social networks and never miss another status update from friends or family. You’re connected wherever you are on the web.

* Update your status across all your social networks at the same time.

* All your IM services right in your browser sidebar to easily chat while your surf the web – no more logging on to multiple services.



* Easily share links, images, and video from the page you are viewing with all your social networks at the same time.

* Share in your IM conversations by dragging and dropping links, images and video from the page you are viewing

* It’s a single, dead simple way to share anything from anywhere you are on the web.



* Discover recommended websites, videos, images, products and more – all related to the site you are viewing – in the Discovery widget.

* Highlight words in the web page yourself to discover related Google search results, Wikipedia entries, videos, and more.

* Yoono also highlights keywords in the web page you’re viewing for quick access to Discoveries



We are committed to giving you regular updates and improvements to Yoono – our latest release includes these great new features:

– Stream filters – you can hide individual friends or apps to prevent them from showing in your Yoono Updates stream

– Integrated Twitter Search – view and save twitter search results and get notifications when new results are available

– MySpace Sharing – now you can simultaneously share with MySpace as well

– Google translate for tweets (handy with Twitter search results)

– Fixed Facebook chat presence issue

– Hashtags (#) in tweets now linked to Twitter search results

– Image previews for Yfrog shared images

– Bug fixes



We are also very excited to announce Yoono Desktop – everything you love about Yoono as a standalone desktop client. Available as a beta for Windows and Mac at http://www.yoono.com/desktop_features.html . Give it a try!



“The Social Network Plugin You’ve Been Waiting For” -Techcrunch-

“Yoono now offering an elegant solution to social networking clutter” -Webware-

See what users are saying at: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=yoono

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Image Gallery


Developer Comments

Support for this add-on is provided by Yoono. Visit us at http://www.yoono.com/help.html for an FAQ or check out our Get Satisfaction support page at http://getsatisfaction.com/yoono


Want to learn more about Yoono? Visit us at http://www.yoono.com


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