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We have had a few people ask us to expand on how to use the new LINK function for importing Tobii Studio projects, which first appeared in Studio 1.5 and is onboard still in 2.0.

One of the biggest frustrations with Studio users is the amount of time it can take to export a large test, the issues you can have with ensuring your hard drive is formatted to accept files of that size and also the amount off HDD space they can take up. In addition to this if you have an error on your hard disk you risk the NAS file being corrupted and losing all your work (or your backup).

With Studio 1.5 Tobii altered they way the files are saved and located on the drive and you can now see in the PROJECT menu, the location of the project on your hard drive – and you can also specify this to suit your personal requirements. This is usually something like C:Document/Tobii Studio Projects by default.

So how does the new system help you? Firstly you can copy the files easily by dragging and dropping to a back up drive, USB stick or similar. As the files are copied individually there is no problems with hitting the thresholds of FAT32 formatting meaning no need to worry about reformatting drives to suit. Thirdly, if you have an error on your drive you may only lose one or two files – and therefore not all your test which is a bonus! And as you can copy and paste, or drag the files across you don’t have to sit through a long export procedure!

So how do you quickly export / import projects…

Exporting : If you want to move a project from one machine to another to back it up, simply locate the folder (use the PROJECT menu to see the root directory) then copy and paste or drag and drop the files to your USB drive, external hard drive, network storage or similar.

Importing : When you have copied the files across to the machine you want to import the data to, make a note of where you have stored the files and open Studio. On the PROJECT menu you need to click on the LINK PROJECT icon and then use the BROWSE function to find your folder. Click on the folder to open it and you will see a database file (in DB3 format). Select this file and Studio should link the project for you. Much quicker than the old export / import function!

Limitations : Ok, there had to be a down side – but its a small one! If you are collecting data from maybe two different sources / trackers, or you are adding extra recording to an existing project you can only use the quick function for the first set of data. For the second set you will need to export and import as normal so that Studio will merge the projects together.

Hope you find that useful – I know it has saved us a huge amount of time and means that managing backups and archive data is much simpler.

As always – any questions or comments feel free to contact us via

A great post from Acuity in the UK on how to export Tobii Studio eye tracking projects

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